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Make screenshot simplicity

Box capture my screen software

Make a screen capture in 1 keyboard or mouse movement

Capture a screen, with professional quality, has never been so easy to realize, a particular window, a region or the totality of the screen, you immediately obtain a result to be saved, printed or directly to be use in your daily software.

Main screenshots
Main screen to capture any screen    result    Look a tutorial
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What will it do for you ?

 Capture in 1 movement from anywhere
 Capture the wished window, finished the images adjustement
 A result available immediately in your software
 Automation of the result: print, save,...
 Always available from your keyboard or mouse

Capture My Screen, What can it do ?

 Instant access to all types of capture and from all your software by using keyboard shortcuts or the OneQuickMenu (instant menu) In one click get all functions
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 Capture a full screen in 1 movement and automate the result full screen is simple
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 Capture a area of the screen while being very precise with the magnifying glass (zoom) Zoom on a screen region
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 Capture a specific window has never been so easy... You don't have to adjust your final image ! Easy to capture desired window
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 Capture active window (the software which is running) Capture current window
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 Automatic Capture a region of the screen, for example to follow an activity. Set your capture region for automatic mode
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 To automate the result of the screen capture, you can define to copy the image in the clipboard, to save it, print it or simply choose your action manually. Automate result
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 Settings are simples to use. Options are simple
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To resume

'Capture My Screen' is the ideal application for all your screens captures. So easy to use, you capture a particular window, a partial screen or the totality of the screen in 1 movement (mouse click or keyboard).
Simple and lightweight in memory, it is immediately accessible from any application you are using.
'Capture My Screen' is the only screen capture software to be use so easily for instantaneous results. It copies the result in the clipboard, print it, save it, ..., all that in an automatic or manual way.
No useless functions, the main thing is here! You are working on a presentation for your products, on a course for your pupils, a Web site,..., 'Capture My Screen' is always present.


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Product customization

Would you like to have this application customized for your specific needs? Just tell us how you'd like us to customize it, and we'll send you a price quote.
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For developers

We provide an ActiveX and a .NET component to include screen capture functions into own your software.
More information here


 Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
 64 MB RAM
 3 MB available hard disk space
 Capture My Screen is available in multiple languages.

Some Awards:
award winner for excellent
clean program
award winner from editor
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Make screenshot simplicity Make screenshot simplicity Make screenshot simplicity Make screenshot simplicity